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My Manduka PROlite is my foundation. It gives me the strength and stability that I need to gain more freedom in my practice. With a solid base I feel like I can fly higher!

-Courtney Meijer
Georgetown, TX

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Mike "Sadhu Om" Matsumura

Mike "Sadhu Om" Matsumura

Colorado Springs, CO

Why Manduka?: I always loved the thinner mats but couldn’t find the right one until a friend of mine was using Manduka eKO Lite Mat. I purchased one and I have never stopped using it since. My practice found a home! Thank You Manduka!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Pranava Yoga Center

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Mike Matsumura walked into a yoga center in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan wanting to get into an exercise class. He didn't know exactly what he was getting himself into but he thought it would be a great place for light stretching and workout. At first, everyone just sat there and the yoga instructor started preaching some stuff that he didn't understand, then the class started chanting the word "Om." He was confused and didn't like it at all. At first, he was turned off by this chanting and mediation stuff. He tried to keep an open mind and he started to understand it little by little. "If you allow yourself, you can learn anything and everything from anyone and everyone." In 2004, Mike met his guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. Mike became initiated as one of Dharma Mittra's disciples right before he left for Colorado Springs. Dharma Mittra gave Mike the Sanskrit name "Sadhu Om," which means the righteous and holy. Mike is constantly continuing on his yogic journey, keeping his teachers and their teachings with him along the way.

In Colorado, Mike has been very involved with the Colorado yoga community. He was one of the guest teachers for the events Spark The Fire in Denver and Yoga Rocks the Park in 2009 and will be the presenter for 2010. Mike is the Co-Founder of Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs.