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My Manduka helps me practice movement toward my True Self. Every time I step on my mat, I know I am going to feel better. Feeling better always moves me toward my inner Greatness. There’s no limit to how good I can feel and how Great I can be.

-Shalan Hill
Canton, GA

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Lauren Kattuah

Lauren Kattuah

Playa Del Rey, CA

Why Manduka?: This is the only mat that doesn't shed into little pellets of yoga mat.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice without slipping from sweat.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Hatha

Practice with me here: The Sports Club LA

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Lauren is a contributing writer for the National Academy Of Sports Medicine and
Healthmad.Com. She has been practicing Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga for 15 years and was influenced by the positive changes Yoga created in all areas of life.

Establishing a diverse personal clientele, Lauren has also taught a myriad of Group Exercise Classes including Yoga in major cities on the west coast. Currently teaching for The Sports Club LA And Gold’s Gym Venice, she’s enthusiastic to be of highest service to the People.

Active in her community, Lauren has campaigned for the recent California One Care Initiative and to petition for Yoga classes to be subsidized by Health Insurance Programs.
As Director of Operations at Quest Centre for Physical and Spiritual Fitness, Lauren
implemented favorably upheld wellness programs and expanded Fitness into a
"Mind, Body And Soul" endeavor.

Lauren developed a summer camp program with Children’s Yoga. Lauren says, “Children practicing yoga instills better communication skills, emotional intelligence, connection to the heart
and mind and an environment to be calm especially in children with ADD or any
behavioral challenges. It helps children handle conflicts and urges with more empathy
and compassion toward their family, adult figures and peers.”

Lauren participated in infomercials for “The Malibu Diet”, “The Fit And Fold Workout”, Professional Testimonial For British Fitness’ “Shakeweight” And Served As A Demonstrator And Professional Testimonial For Bryan Kest’s “Power Yoga, as well as appearing in several fitness episodes for Crunch Gyms on ESPN.