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On Manduka I feel like I have a chance to try again. Each time I plant my feet firmly on my mat, I am reminding myself that I am still here. I am reminded that I am alive.

-Chelsea Jackson
Atlanta, Georgia

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Paula Lynch

Paula Lynch

New York, NY

Why Manduka?: With a mat that I know will last me a lifetime and leaves no trace along the way, I can practice with the clarity and intention to leave as little of my own trace as possible on the planet, yet leave as much peace and inspiration as I can with my community through my practice.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice with steadiness and ease.

Yoga Style: YogaWorks

Practice with me here: Yoga Works

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Paula is a RYT-500 Yoga Works Certified Instructor affiliated with the Yoga works Teacher Training programs. Her teaching style is influenced largely by the meditative flow and heat of Ashtanga yoga and the precision and playfulness of Iyengar yoga.

Paula's teaching style expresses that yoga is an incredible technique that can give us access to the layers of our physical and energetic bodies through patient and intentional practice. She studies with Genny Kapuler and Alison West who have helped her experience the world through her practice. Her further studies of anatomy and kinesiology are applied to her understanding and teaching of yogasana in her classes through breath and alignment.

She is currently a student in the massage therapy program at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC.

Paula practices yoga as a form of devotion, prayer and self-study and understands yoga as so much more than just physical – it is cellular, intellectual and spiritual involving our entire being.