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My Manduka Mat helps me practice rootedness.

-Ariele Foster
Washington, DC

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Vic Munoz

Vic Munoz

Miami, FL

Why Manduka?: When I began practicing asanas I knew it would be a life-long practice, and I felt I wanted to find a life-long lasting mat. I tried the Manduka Black PRO once, and I knew I had found it.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Acroyoga, Anusara® yoga, Ashtanga

Practice with me here: Conscious Everyday Living , Citizen Yoga

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Vic Muñoz is Certified yoga teacher, meditation instructor, healer, and spiritual experimenter. Vic is the founder of the Conscious Everyday Living movement, which aims to empower individuals through the development of peace of mind to develop and sustain good physical, mental and emotional health.

Vic has 20+ years of studies and experimentation with different sciences, techniques and teachings, both ancient and modern that help him with his personal goals in life and to share with the world. Vic encourages self-experience as the main source of wisdom.

Through the Conscious Everyday Living movement he shares yoga and Mahamudra, a powerful healing technique which uses vibration to attune the body, mind and emotions with the source of life. He shares these techniques as therapy using them to restore, heal, and harmonize the body, mind and emotions to later on tackle on other aspects of the individual's life. For more information on his work and yoga schedule please visit: