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I would never practice on anything else - there just is no substitute. For more than a decade I tried and tried other mats - then I got my Manduka PRO. It. is. the. best. No question.

-Jenniferlyn Chiemingo
Seattle, WA

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Jennifer Slater

Jennifer Slater

Portland, OR

Why Manduka?: It is my home away from home.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice with confidence, longevity, and stability.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Iyengar

Practice with me here: Urban Pilates

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Jennifer has been practicing yoga and holistic healing for as long since discovering its freedom in high school. Over the years she has explored the wisdom of the yoga therapy including the practices of Viniyoga, alignment and therapeutics of Iyengar, and the power and breath of Astanga Vinyasa. Under the wisdom and guidance of her primary teacher Tias Little and Prajna Yoga, she has structured her daily mental and asana practice to focus on wisdom of insight into alignment, restorative healing, conditioning of the nervous system, breath, and the fine line of listening to the body’s response of daily emotional and physical awareness. It is from this experience that she bases her teaching with the continual support of her community, students, and inner breath of guidance. Jennifer’s daily practice and teaching style blends the Iyengar therapeutic approach to the use of props, opening the body to proper alignment along with the sequencing and breath of Vinyasa . Her passion is in finding the innate place of healing and life force each individual holds inside of them. Jennifer blends the anatomical transverse pathways of the body with the breath and life of the knowledge of the still mind. Her experience as a food and healing nutritionist, cranial sacral therapist, yoga therapist, and somatic psychotherapist allows her clients and students to create possibilities consciously and lovingly. Jennifer uses these approaches to deepen presence and awareness of our inner being until we are able to know ourselves more fully and out of that knowing we are moved to embrace the opportunity for change, growth and enhanced well-being in the body and sprit. She encourages personal introspection and reflection, believing that what we cultivate on the mat must be brought into our lives. Our life is our yoga practice. Jennifer is now in the process of getting her PhD in somatic psychology and her hours are spent on the matt, teaching, with clients, and learning how to reverse computer slump asana.