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First you get the mat. Then you get the teacher. Then you get the practice. MANDUKA you can't lose!

-Michelle McKay
Costa Mesa, CA

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Diamond Dallas Page

Los Angeles, CA

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Why Manduka?: The big 85" Black Mat® PRO is the only one I use... it is truly the Bentley of has taken me to places I have never dreamed... Ha!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka makes me UNSTOPPABLE every single day.

Yoga Style: DDP YOGA

Practice with me here: DDP YOGA , TEAM DDP YOGA , Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

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For the first 42 years of my life, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Yoga. It was for sissies, right? More on that later...

At the age of 35, I decided to follow a lifelong dream of mine, to become a professional wrestler. In that industry, getting in at that age was pretty much unheard of. With my hardcore work ethic and drive, and worked my way up the ranks in the WCW, and by the age of 40, I could see the top of the mountain...I was a TOP guy. All my hard work was paying off.

By the time I was 42, I had suffered so many bumps and falls... it finally caught up to me. I suffered what doctors called a “career-ending” injury. I was devastated. I was desperate. I was ready to try anything to heal my body.

Rehab alone wasn’t cutting it. Reluctantly, I tried a Brian Kest workout, and that’s when I realized what I had been missing. Together with my rehab, I integrated Yoga positions into my daily routine. Then I added old school calisthenics (push up... squats... crunches) done with a slow burn movement. Then I added some Mixed Martial Arts (punches & knees) but what made DDP YOGA it's own Animal was Dynamic Resistance (the engaging or flexing of muscles as you move from one position to another) which Jacks your heart rate up and into the Fat Burning zone a matter of minutes virtually standing still.

I defied the odds and what doctors told me, and I became the WCW Heavy Weight World Champion on three separate occasions. I knew I was on to something with the type of workout and it became part of daily routine . By combining multiple disciplines of fitness with Yoga, DDP YOGA was born. It wasn’t like traditional forms of Yoga - it was much more over the top! I knew that if it could help me recover from severe back and neck injuries, it could help many others... and it has!

Today I focus on helping others discover their own potential both physically, mentally and professionally - I discovered helping others is in my DNA and it’s what my life is all about.

For the regular guy or girl who wants an invigorating, challenging workout without spirituality or daunting flexibility poses, this yoga hybrid is ideal... think of it like this... if yoga was a bicycle.... then DDP YOGA would be a Harley... they both have wheels but that’s where the similarity ends!

No matter what form of Yoga you practice, there’s ONLY ONE mat I ever recommend. Manduka all the way.

Never Give UP!


Practice with me here: and - watch for my live workouts around the world!

And, be sure to check out Arthur's inspiring transformation here,