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My Manduka helps me practice to work mind and body as ONE.

-Abhishek Agrawal
Phuket, Thailand

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Dena Graziano

Dena Graziano

Charlotte, NC

Why Manduka?: My Manduka is the best mat that I have ever had. It provides both cushioning and support in every asana that i do. The best thing is that my black mat is 7 years old and only gets better with age. I have reduced my carbon footprint simply by buying my Manduka as it is the last mat i will ever have to purchase.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice meditation, movement and breath.

Yoga Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa

Practice with me here: YogaFlex

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Dena (RYT-200 )has competed in competitive sports her whole life. She first came to yoga to simply lose the baby weight after her first child.
Honestly, she was quite jealous that she couldn't"do"those arm balances and was determined to figure them out. The more she practiced, the more she realized that yoga was so much more than spontaneously performing arm balances at parties!
The practice of yoga has led Dena to study with amazing teachers. She is very blessed to have extensively studied with Stephanie Keach as she was and will always be the person who showed her the love and passion of yoga. It is with Stephanie that Dena obtained her RYT as well as her Prenatal certification. Dena has also studied with Andrey Lappa, Peter Sterios, Seane Corn and Bryan Kest. She will complete her RYT-500 in 2011 under the guidance of Andrey Lappa. She believes in putting forth serious effort in one’s asana practice while at the same time listening to the body and remembering not to take asana practice too seriously. They’re just poses, after all.
Dena is most proud of her family, as she cooked 3 delicious babies (2 girls and a boy) all from scratch!