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If I were a chef I would want the best knives. Since I’m a yogi I want the best mat. That’s why I use Manduka.

-Ryan Glidden
San Diego, CA

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Govind (Aleksejs Busarovs)

Govind (Aleksejs Busarovs)

Riga, Latvia

Why Manduka?: Manduka is a Rolls Royce among mats!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice in the stable and safe way, I love Parvatasana on my Black Mat PRO. It is stable, my palms don’t slip anymore, and rolling on the back is an amazing feeling.

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Practice with me here: Daya Yoga Studio

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Govind is my spiritual name. I was born in 1977, in Riga, during young age did a lot of jogging, then for the first time experienced moving meditation, in sport more known as second wind, which made the hole difference to my practice, ever since I tried to return that feeling. Interest, under influence of pop culture idols, such as Madonna and Sting, brought me for the first time to yoga in 2003. It was love from the first sight, that still lasting. Gradually, with developing physical skills, arouse interest in yoga philosophy. In 2005 destiny brought me to Tibet, mountain Kailash, in 2007 started to teach yoga myself, year after went to northern India, to Dharamshala, in order to increase my knowledge in yoga. In 2009 I visited Rishikesh, the yoga capital, where met my Guru – Yogi Vishvketu. Now I am RYT500, and Icontinue to teach, develop my own practice and meditate.