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My Manduka helps me practice endurance.

-David Diel
Malden, MA

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Shiya Mangel

Shiya Mangel

Philadelphia, PA

Why Manduka?: I fell in love with Manduka in 2008 when they began to help us fundraise for the Off the Mat Seva challenge. They were so helpful and generous and all their ideas are right on track with the way I hope to see the Yoga Community continue to flourish and grow.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Jivamukti

Practice with me here: Shanti Yoga Shala

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Shiya Mangel began practicing yoga in 1995. In 2004 she completed the Dhyana Yoga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training and then went on to complete the Jivamukti Yoga 200 hour teacher training in 2005 with Sharon Gannon and David Life. In 2007 during a workshop with Seane Corn, Shiya was inspired to begin her Seva practice and signed up for the 2008 Off The Mat Cambodian Bare Witness Challenge. In 2008 Shiya raised $20,000.00 for the Cambodian Children´s Fund (CCF) and in February 2009 traveled with Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling and 20 other fundraisers to Cambodia to work at CCF and take part in leadership training. In June of 2009 Shiya completed the Off The Mat Leadership Training with Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling and Hala Khouri. Shiya is currently preparing to take her Advanced Jivamukti teacher certification exam.

Shiya began teachingYoga in 2004. She is the co-owner of Shanti Yoga Shala in Philadelphia where she teaches Jivamukti Yoga classes.