July 17th, 2010

#Practice Community Classes

From peace, to joy, to silence, to vibrance – yoga #practice enables us to be mindful of how we take our #practice off of the mat and into our lives. Being flexible on the mat reminds us to #practice flexibility when life gets complicated. It allows us to be aware of the boundaries we break through in the workplace, and not just in our arm balances. It provides us the serenity in silence that once seemed uncomfortable. As part of our 2010 #Practice Campaign, Manduka brought the local yoga community together to create inspiration for their yoga #practice, and to shine a light on how our #practice extends into daily life.

Manduka’s #Practice Community classes brought together world renowned yoga teachers and our nations most inspiring musical artists, with Manduka and the Los Angeles yoga community – all under one roof, on the mats we #practice on everyday. These series of free yoga classes – each with a different purpose, invited everyone to take their inspiration beyond the edges of their mats and #practice community with Manduka! Manduka Ambassador Hala Khouri helped LA yogis #practice purpose during her mixed level flow at Yoga Glo. Ambassador Ashley Turner taught a #practice inner power Vinyasa Flow to the tunes of DJ Drez at Exhale Spa, and Kia Miller & Tommy Rosen combined Hatha and Kundalini while inspiring us to #practice connection at Yoga Co. Each class brought in curious Los Angelenos for an event to remember, and each class was dedicated to aiding a charity in need. As you #practice on your mat, we hope that you remember to take your inspiration off the mat, out of the studio, and into your everyday actions.

June 21st, 2010

#Practicing Mind Over Madness At Summer Solstice 2010!

Cabs honk, construction trucks beep, men and women whiz by in suits as street vendors call out for visitors to buy the latest and greatest in knock-off sunglasses. It’s Times Square—and it’s undoubtedly one of the busiest places in the world, and one of the last places you would imagine finding solace. But on Monday, June 21, on the longest day of the year, the madness of Times Square was brought to a standstill as thousands of yogis gathered together to turn on their #practice and turn off life’s distractions.

As peace descended on the city that never sleeps, yogis from near and far (some traveled from as far as Asia for the unique experience) were invited to take part in one (or all) of the days free events that included 5 incredible yoga sessions from some of the city’s top instructors, beautiful music and fun product sampling. Manduka joined the thousands who participated and provided eKO Lites to the first 100 people that arrived for each class—helping make their sun salutes in honor of the solstice a day they would never forget.

Sometimes practicing in an unexpected location and in an unexpected way can stretch you in ways you never would imagine. Anyone can find tranquility on a beach, in a studio or in a backyard- but on the Summer Solstice, we found it in Times Square.