February 13th, 2015


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January 2nd, 2015

Featured Retailer: Touch The Toes Singapore

Touch The Toes, Singapore:

Touch The Toes! Can you do it?
'Nooo... Too stiff!' 'Too old' 'Maybe I'll try tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow' 'Errr I could break something!'... Isn't it funny how everyone almost always assumes it's bending over straight-legged & reaching for the toes?

TTT is all about changing perceptions. Eco-friendly is affordable. Small can be big. Yoga is for everyone. Customers can be friends. And you can always touch the toes!

Our lovely shop sits right in the heart of an enclave of creativity. In squeaky clean Singapore, a country where graffiti is illegal, we are surrounded by funky murals, beautiful neighbors, bohemian coffee joints.

Climb up to our 2nd floor space and you're in a little h(e)aven. Where our customers pop in for a Manduka eKo Mat & sometimes stay the entire afternoon trying new clothes & catching up with us for the latest yoga news.

We are so proud to be the only yoga retail store for apparel & accessories in Singapore. But we were blown away when we found out we are the only eco-friendly store in Asia!

TTT are 3 people: Eliza (creative), Kelly (logical), Wuen (quirky). All unique & wonderful. If you are ever in Singapore, do drop in to say hi!

Ohmsome Beginnings.
Never Endings.

December 9th, 2014

Greetings From Infinite Amazement (New Zealand)

By Peter Sterios, founder of Manduka

Day 1 (actually day 7)
After 6 days of travel by plane, boat, car and bus, we have finally arrived to Aro-Ha, a magical retreat center near Queenstown on the South Island of NZ. And today was my first yoga practice since we left... and so sweet it was, in this special room surrounded by a nature so pristine, raw, and powerful, that profoundly reminded me of what a small existence I live in .

My inner "nature" was so intimately connected to the larger, outer nature found in this breath-giving place. Can we find this connection every time we step onto our mats? It feels so available and accessible here...

Day 2
This morning was cold, with fresh snow on the hills only a couple hundred feet above the steep rocky path that is my commute to the studio. But I'm appreciating the walk, like a warm-up mentally and physically to prepare myself for my morning practice. I have also begun to notice, after just two days, the effects of the detoxifying diet that is part of the health program at Aro-Ha. My mind feels clearer, my emotions subdued, and my physical body light (no bloated belly after meals) and strong. I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly the effects of being here have come to my attention. Can we live in a "retreat" state of mind as a householder or city dweller, as a parent or partner, as an employee or business owner? Maybe... Or at least we can keep trying, keep returning to that state, even it means going to retreats ‘for practice.’

Day 3
What has become so very clear here at this unique place in this special country, is when we step out of the routine of our lives, ie work, exercise (or lack thereof), diet, even the communities we live in, we gain a little broader perspective of who we are and what we do with our time. It opens the door for growth and positive change in our lives - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Day 4
Seeing and experiencing the natural environment here, one of the obvious changes was the passing clouds. This display of natural beauty would communicate in a way the wonder and mystery of this world, and suggested everything will be ok... that there are forces in this world that operate at a much bigger perspective than our limited understanding, and all is well. This is also appropriate for our yoga practice - finding wonder and mystery in our practice reminds us that all is well on the deepest of levels .

Day 5
Our last day at this spectacular resort, full of gratitude for Aro-Ha's powerful reminder of the overwhelming beauty found in nature and the earth's infinite ability to amaze. I come away from this retreat feeling a renewed connection to my own inner nature, and the wonder of the body and mind I've been given. I have once again experienced the surprise of how powerful these two aspects of myself are when working together - when I am able to connect deep places in my physical body with the subtle sensations of my breath and the subtle influence of my intuitive or creative mind to produce an opening of sorts, either somatically or neurologically, that gives insight into my existence in a surprising way. It is a joyful experience and one that, as a teacher, and I am called deeply to share...

Thanks to all of the students who showed up to learn (especially Tisha Bremner, above on the left, winner of Manduka’s giveaway trip to this magical place), and to co-founder Damian Chaparro and all the staff at Aro-Ha who have created this magical place and who creatively support their guest's personal transformations in such a powerful way!


Connect with @aroharetreats on Instagram, and Peter Sterios on Facebook.

October 27th, 2014

Inspired By Gangsters

Manduka has been humbled to work alongside many inspiring yogis who share their practice with the world. We were touched by Jodi Weiner's passion to support others and commitment to putting her practice into practice. Through Yoga Gangsters Jodi has been sharing yoga with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. We were deeply inspired by her blog post and wanted to share these heartwarming words with you:


The room is a blank canvas waiting to support the connection and love about to unfold, empty but for a few chairs, books and a bin of yoga mats with a stale odor. The chill in the air is nice on a hot summer day, but short lived when the youth come in and heat it up. It’s bright with natural and florescent light; kill the lights – check. Light the incense – check (no more stinky feet issues), set the music to a recurring simple AUM…Immediate curiosity happens as they begin to trickle in to see their YG’s seated, calm and smiling.

“What is that smell?” – yup, got em now! “Why does it feel so calm in here?”

The youth we serve are beautiful, eager, jaded, cautious and sometimes resistant. But when the trust is given and they look you in the eye and share your heart with them, this is when magic happens. You see a softening, then you feel it in your heart, your belly and then your eyes share it back. That is the magical moment of pure connection. Maybe it takes a few weeks; maybe it occurs the 2nd visit. As a YG volunteer I stay open to the magic that unfolds when the mat unrolls and the sweet lights (youth) step upon their magic carpet. I continue to enjoy the energetic and spontaneous moments of a free form beat box throw down on the mat, keeping it fun, connective, invigorating, interesting and FREE spirited. When we shift to what we think it should be, we lose the essence of service, we lose the visceral experience and stay stuck in our own mind.

We have so many beautiful gifts to share; otherwise we would not have been called to service on this path. Whether we serve anonymously, boldly or somewhere in between, we heard the call, felt the pull and had that gut sensation to share our heart. We continue to serve wholeheartedly and would love to share the indescribable journey service brings to your life.

For our volunteers who have had the courage to step on the mat with youth, thank you. For those still toying with the idea, know what you bring with your heart will win out every time. When we show up completely present, to serve, to play and empower we all connect and walk away smiling, softened, grounded and floating all at the same time…nothing quite like a service high!

October 13th, 2014

This Is My Yoga – A Look Back At Week 4

It’s been a month of celebration and reflection— we asked what your yoga means to you when it is most raw and true, and you answered. Thousands of you shared, reconnecting us all to the unfiltered root of this transformational practice. It’s been an honor to witness to your strength, warmth, and wisdom, to reflect + connect as a community. This is what yoga is really about. To see your community in action, have a look at what your fellow yogis are sharing using #ThisIsMyYoga on Instagram, Twitter or at Here’s a brief glimpse into the soul of the fourth week of #thisismyyoga.

Courtney Cronis, @tiny_yogini (who, as a thank you for sharing her story, will receive a suite of gear from our new Fall Collection, plus a gift for the yogi she tagged next, Brandi @omyogasana)

#ThisIsMyYoga My yoga is connection. Finding connection and learning about my own body and my own soul and emotions. Connecting to the earth around me, to nature, to all creatures and being able to now see the life and importance of each and every own of them. Connection and appreciation to all of the people in my life, being able to be kinder and more compassionate not only to them, but to everyone I meet. Connecting to music, to good people, to food, to books and wise words, to truth. Connecting to my own open mind and open heart and being able to live my yoga off of my mat so that I not only have a flexible, strong, and balanced body, but an even more flexible, strong, and balanced soul. Yoga is the way that I discovered how to connect to the entire universe around.

Holly Oldroyd Wielechowski, @yoginiwildandfree

Getting to the edge of everything and then letting go... #thisismyyoga

Justin Wolfer, @justinwolferyogi

The beauty of yoga is that message is simple and universal - Practice and be full aware and unattached to what surfaces. Over time you will discover where you've placed the barriers preventing you from discovering that which you are seeking. Want to find love? Then practice being the most attentive unconditional lover you know how to be. Soon you'll start to see your conditions for love.... So what are you seeking? #ThisIsMyYoga

Cristina Michalski, @cristinamichalskig

Healing from the inside out #thisismyyoga

Herna Mohari, @herrrna

When I am on my mat, I am free to be ME. I feel beautiful; not because I have sexy legs nor a bendy body, but because I am able to create and put into shapes and movements, the beautiful person I feel inside. My movements powered by my breath, full of energy; Prana. When I practice, I feel so strong, joyous and free, capable of doing things I never thought I could. Everyday, somebody tells me I look underweight/skinny/sick/anorexic. In fact, I feel quite the opposite. Yoga does not judge nor hate, it is pure love. #thisismyyoga

Jeanie Hay, @jeaniehay

The photos I usually post are genuine expressions of my open heart and my joyful physical practice, and yet I have been holding back from showering certain parts of my practice with that openhearted love. My ego encourages me to post mostly pictures of poses I am "good at." Those headstands and wild things are beautiful, but I am ready to find and show my shadow sides, the places that I keep hidden because I judge them unworthy. Yoga can be intimidating to many people who have never tried it. It's easy to look at a photo of an experienced Yogini in an advanced pose like handstand and think "I can't do that with my body so yoga must not be for me." As a yoga sharer, I want to spread the idea that yoga meets you right where you are and is accessible to everyone. Start where you are, with what you have, a body. Sit and breathe. Move and breathe. Release your harsh self-judgment about what it looks like. Notice how it feels, stay with the sensation, and see what happens. In service of this idea, I will be posting photos of myself practicing the poses that I find challenging. I will use this waning moon cycle to release my ego's need to look accomplished and I will allow my self to be vulnerable. Here we go! This is my full expression of forward fold - I feel strong sensation in my hamstrings, my low back, my upper back and neck here. Today I cannot fold myself all the way over my legs. Today I can make this version of this shape and I can sit with it and I can breathe with it. This is my yoga.

Kirsten McCormick, @eatfoodlovelife

| C L I M B I N G | my way through fear, boundaries and thoughts of impossibility #thisismyyoga (on a rock) #firstclimb


I travel to the Swedish mountains to be soothed, healed and to have my senses put back in order. This is the view from my mat right now. The colors of the sky above. The sound of the river below. I am forever grateful for this beauty of nature all around. Thank you. #ThisIsMyYoga

Allyson Pfeifer, @allypfeif

#thisismyyoga :: remembering that i am here to grow, to love, to heal. that i am peace, gratitude, and love. that i have the strength to remind someone else that they are already whole. that i fall and forget, and that makes me unwaveringly human. that i too am strong, resilient, and whole. forgetting and remembering, over and over again.

Rikie, @Rikster

little pinch action in front of this awesome wall piece in Wynwood #ThisIsMyYoga

Britta Farr, @brittabearr

Just hanging out with the clouds #ThisIsMyYoga


We often hear yoga referred to as a "soul sport", a hobby enjoyed on so deep a level that even the soul becomes dialed into the movement. Each day we bring a new body to the mat, some areas are stiff, some need strengthening, other bits need lengthening. And each day this ratio of tightness to spaciousness changes so we must bring total awareness to all parts of our being and then "dial in" our practice to meet the needs of the body in that moment. Yoga is my soul sport.


Go to yoga like you mean it! #thisismyyoga

The beauty of this community is that we are here, lifting one another when we are in the midst of regaining our sense of purpose in our practice, and this conversation remains open. We encourage you to keep sharing what your real yoga means on Instagram or Twitter with tag #ThisIsMyYoga.

Practice On,