December 6th, 2011

How To Unroll A Flat Mat Every Time. Thank You Fit Sugar!

1. Lay your mat out on the floor, with the side you practice on facing up. To help you remember which side is which, you can write your name in small print with a Sharpie on the top corner where your hands would be in Down Dog (learn the basics of the Down Dog pose here). Writing your name on your mat is also a good idea in case you lose it.
2. Off the mat, walk over to the end where your feet would be in Down Dog. Squat down, hold onto this end with both hands and then flip it to the right so the side you don't practice on is now facing up.
3. Start rolling your mat from this end all the way to the top of your mat. The side you practice on will be exposed (as well as your name).
4. The next time you're ready to practice, hold onto the top end with both hands and flick the rest of the mat away from you, unrolling it so the side you don't practice on is facing down. You're left with a flat mat every time.

December 5th, 2011

Featured Retailer: Embody Activewear

Embody Activewear opened its doors in June of 2010 with a special mission: to be a hub of the Yoga and Pilates community in the healthy community of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves in carrying various brands of unique, high-quality clothing, each with its distinct fabric, fit and function. We especially love carrying brands that are made from eco-sustanible fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, tencel, and organic cotton. Lines that hold a special social or environmental responsibility are also highlighted, whether there's a "meal donated to a person in need for every product sold" or a "tree planted for every product sold." Our customers enjoy purchasing products that are good both for themselves as well as good for the Earth and our fellow man.

We also filled a need in our community for carrying the highest quality and selection of Yoga mats, props and accessories, with Manduka being our key-stone line. Not only do our customers appreciate the high performance quality, design, and durability of Manduka products, but they also LOVE Manduka's mission and message of spreading love, joy, unity, and care for the planet. It's the story of Manduka products that really resonates with people and we are proud to carry it in our store.

On top of being a retail store, Embody also educates its customers and community by offering Pilates and Meditation classes, as well as various yoga workshops and events. Health practitioners are supported by receiving a special discount on gear, as well as opportunities to promote their health and wellness services. We also support local high-performance athletes by giving them a place of employment that offers flexibility around their training and competition schedule, discounts on gear and health services to help them achieve their goals and dreams. We support numerous local charities and events are determined to help people live a more balanced lifestyle. Our store is driven by our hearts and we're loving every minute of it! Sincerely, Bonny-Lynn & Allan Russell

December 5th, 2011

And The Winner Is…Black & Light

You named the next Limited Edition Black Mat PRO. You looked at the color and let it inspire you. And we had a tough time picking just one name. So we're giving our 5 favorite submissions the new Black & Light PRO mat as soon as it comes out in January.

Deep gratitude for being part of this process!

Black Bird (first submitted by Angela Capodanno)
Black Diamond (Julia McSheffrey)
Black Azure (@Mandabeat)
Black Surge (Katie Cordes)
Black & Light (Emily Tharpe)

December 1st, 2011

Holiday Shopping Manduka Style

Starting to think about holiday gifts? Check out our presents with presence (and free shipping all December)!

Yogi Gift Guide

November 9th, 2011

Karmanica Events

Talent is inspiring. It's natural that we are drawn to talented people. We all possess an intuitive skill to recognize the excellence found in other people's passions - their music, their movement, their acting, or even abilities not typically considered artistic, such as the ability to speak through one's actions - Mother Teresa being the perfect example. At Manduka, there is a community of passionate people working together, committed to excellence, and being in their presence is inspiring (and contagious!). This Thursday & Friday evenings, Manduka is a proud sponsor for karmaNICA's two fundraising concert & yoga events - the first in Miami (U-night!) on 11.10.11, and the second in Santa Monica we R all 1! on 11.11.11, which will feature three amazing "talents" for the evening's music - Steve Gold and Masood Ali Khan @ weRall1, and Xavier Gonzalez @ U-night. I reached out to each of them this week and posed them this question - "You are obviously inspired by the music that comes out of you. How does your inspiration effect those that hear your music?" Here are their replies:

Steve - "My music is often experienced as a revelation to many listeners. My initial inspiration is to build community through group singing. While performing live I have witnessed community opening their hearts while joined together in song. Their tears of joy and release feeds my inspiration and we all feel more connected as a result."

Masood - "I feel fortunate and grateful to have been introduced to the hang (pronounced "hung"), a unique percussive instrument that carries etheric qualities when played by itself, or accompanied by voice or other instrumentation. As my understanding and relationship to it has become more intimate, the sounds and music it produces through me has profoundly influenced me, as a musician and person. I have seen the same influence it has had on my audiences, where it produces a beautiful bonding of hearts and a true experience of community through sound."

Xavier - "Over the last few years, I have observed in response to our music how people are affected differently. There are those who focus and zone in on our unique technique and instrumentation, where they become introspective and it creates a meditative experience for them, and then there are others who get into the feeling of the music - the rhythm and fiery beat of our music, and it arouses something in them to get up and expressively move their bodies. It has been a beautiful experience to see this influence on audiences."

To get tickets for the events - for MIAMI, click here; for SANTA MONICA, click here.

To learn more about karmaNICA and view their latest video of their initiative in Nicaragua, click here.