November 14th, 2013

The Car Ride

By Manduka Ambassador, Dana Damara

When you are beginning to grow in your spiritual awareness, some people who once resonated with you begin to drop away from your conscious circle. It’s nothing to be sad about, or feel bad about... it’s a natural progression of your own spiritual evolution.

You won’t be able to talk the same language anymore. You won’t like the same things anymore. Your awareness of what is real and your interests shift and if you keep in mind that nothing is permanent, it’s all okay!

Additionally, remember that every single person on this planet has a path. And their path is different from yours. Your paths can’t possibly be the same… you are uniquely you and they are uniquely them! It’s the way the world works!

This is why you work toward eliminating judgment from your thoughts. You can’t judge other people and why they make the choices they make, or why they do the things they do. It’s not your business.

This is an easy process—the dropping away—when you are talking about a stranger, co-worker, distant relative, or a friend that you don’t see that often. They aren’t in your face every single day, so their choices don’t affect you and yours need not affect them. It’s simple.

However, what happens when someone close to you is staying complacent in their growth and you are spirituality alive and growing? Then what? Did you feel that flip in your stomach? That’s because there is a need to take action on your part, but there is fear and turmoil about what to do.

I equate this situation to a car ride. When this happens, do put the car in neutral, stalling your own growth, hoping they will catch up? Do you feel like you are sticking your head out the driver’s side window saying, “Hey, c’mon! This is going to be fun!” If you are doing that now, stop it. It’s self-defeating to you and demeaning to the other person.

You can’t hope they will “catch up” to you. Maybe their path is completely different from yours. Allow them that space to grow on their own. Maybe they want to go down the dirt road and not get on the freeway… you don’t know!
Maybe you put the car in reverse and back up to get them. It’s not too far back there and honestly, you love this person, so it’s worth the time, right? Maybe they will learn something from this simple act of kindness and self-sacrifice you just demonstrated. NEWSFLASH! That is NOT spiritual growth—that is saying in clever way, “I am better than you and I am going to give you another chance to see it. Now get in!” Not OK.

The only way to deal with this type of thing when it happens is to continue along your path and go at a pace that is comfortable for you. It’s YOUR journey regardless of what role they have played in your life up until now. It’s THEIR journey regardless of what role you have played in their life up until now. Stalling or reversing won’t work for either of you. Your journey together may be over for this lifetime… or it may cross at certain junctions along the way.

It just is what it is. All spiritual growth comes with some separation. It’s okay… let go and keep driving.

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