August 1st, 2013

Your #Innergps And The Thrill Of Adventure

It’s been an honor to be part of your journey. Over the last 5 weeks you’ve followed your #innerGPS to Inner Peace, hOME, Back to Nurture, the Thrill of Adventure and Another State (of mind). We hope this path has helped you rediscover your inner teacher, your inner road map and all the possibilities that lay in front of you. You remain our greatest inspiration.

Here are some of our favorite photos from last week’s #innerGPS theme, ‘Another State,’ including from our winner @axiology, who takes home a classic Manduka Black Mat PRO and MatSak in Shade.

Here is the photo from our winner, @axiology, plus a few of our other favorite #innerGPS Instagrams:

By @axiology, who won last week's #innerGPS contest.

Here are some of our other favorites!









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Here’s to the journey,


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