December 3rd, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Lori

Meet Lori.

She was in a hectic spot. Balancing life as a college student and a single mother, her yoga mat was the glue that kept her together.

“During those precious moments on my mat I didn’t think about how bills were going to be paid, laundry was going to get done, or how I was going to handle three kids all by myself. My practice not only gave me physical strength, it gave me the emotional strength and resolve I needed to make it through each minute of my life.”

A dozen odd years later, Lori is happily married with now FIVE children and a fulfilling career teaching yoga – often to students whose path feels similar to her own. When a frazzled yogi rushes in moments before class begins, stressed for time and visibly distracted, Lori can relate. And she's in a special position to give other busy moms their one moment of sanity that they look forward to all week. Yoga is how SHE managed to to keep it all together, and life has a blessed way of coming full circle.

Building off her idea of 'the yoga life raft,' Lori is working to cultivate the power of her local community through yoga. With her husband, she has created the OmWork Club, a yoga-centric afterschool program for Chicago teens to study and socialize in a peaceful, positive and expressive environment.

We loved learning about Lori! And we’d love to learn about you, too! Tell us about yourself at

Yogi of the Week: Lori

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On December 3rd, 2012 at 9:18 pm, Jules said:

Lori! thanks for spreading your love of yoga to all:) inspirational, beautiful, and just pure love

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