November 19th, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Brandi

Meet Brandi.

It all started for her with the quest for the elusive "yoga butt." A longtime "treadmill and weights girl," this gym buff admitted to feeling intimidated by the idea of a strenuous 90 minute workout in a heated room, but maybe for Brandi, yoga was that last fitness frontier.

She was intrigued. She followed a friend to class. When that first class ended 10 years ago, a new journey began. Practice was intuitive, a new outlet for play, and she was hooked. Yoga hit Brandi in a place she can only describe as "deep." The initial steps she took into her practice may have been for the challenge, but it has taken her so much further than that, into one of the biggest milestones of her life: her own teaching career.

Brandi did eventually get that coveted yoga butt. Now not only does her body look different, but her life looks different. She says that at times she used to be buried under the weight of others' opinions and her own insecurities – but now she knows a part of herself that is bold, unafraid, and powerful.

"I don't know how anyone that has practiced yoga for any length of time cannot be moved by it in just about every aspect of life" Brandi said. When we practice yoga, we MOVE. We unearth our grief, find relief and finally, gratitude.

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Yogi of the Week: Brandi

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