July 6th, 2011

# Practice Destiny

They say injuries are our greatest teachers. This is an idea I am trying my best to wrap my mind around as I am healing from one. As I stare forlorn at my mat rolled up in the corner, I remember how easy it is to confuse our true self with the physical form. Yoga is not just what we do on the mat with our bodies(though that isn't often discussed at parties or over tea). Although so much of the world is reinforcing the idea that we are just these bodies, we are more than what can be seen by the eyes. We are more than our thoughts about our bodies, our jobs, or our bank accounts. If I can just sit down for 10-15 minutes daily, breathe, focus and still, that is just as deep a practice as getting my ankle behind my head.

By mindfully changing my breath, I can change my thoughts. As my thoughts change, so do my actions. As my actions change, so does my destiny. Who knew? :)

My Manduka helps me #practice healing. What does your Manduka help you #practice?

Here's how our community is #practicing:

Lise Waugh
"Manduka let us take our practice out onto cement in a parking lot on a dairy farm... as the cows strolled by, we were solidly connected to the earth. In the sun. First day of summer. Not even aware we were parked on top of cement with some gravel :)"

ETL yoga
"My Manduka was a great sponge for a long day! It soaked up what was no longer needed."

Where Is My Guru
"We are practicing with our ponchos on!"

Lauren Narayani Neuhs
"Peaceful warrior. Balancing dualities. Soft yet strong."

Melissa Grillo
"Forget what you learned.."

Amanda Knapp
"Be open to all of life's possibilities."

Brooke Toney-Lyda
"Just breathe! You can only eat the elephant one bite at a time."

Jamie Davies O'Leary
"I will not let finite disappointment overcome infinite hope."

Laura Rettally
"Live monday as if its Friday.. Everything is in your mind."

Sherry Okun Rudnak
"#Practice simplify"

Ashley Arnold
#Practice Invert"

It's borrowed but: "Practice radical self-acceptance today."

@MandukaYoga "Permitir y observar..."

"Dance to the rhythm of life :) "

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