April 4th, 2011

And There Is My Dharma...

By Manduka Ambassador Vic Munoz

I recall, since a young age I used to admire musicians, writers, astronauts, and in general people that were passionate about what they did. For a long time I thought it was the profession what made these people passionate. Finding that I didn’t have much of a talent for such careers, I conformed with studying business and finding a corporate job.

A long time into the corporate world, one day it dawned on me that it was not about the choice of career but instead about finding that thing that springs from within, that makes you express yourself in a loving way.

In my case that thing is: to help. And particularly, I feel a sense of expansion when helping others help themselves.

Upon this discovery I decided to get into it seriously, so I let go of the corporate job. A while later I found myself in India, where I met Akhil, a kind man from Mysore, open like an ocean of love. He taught me to work with the Tibetan singing bowls to channel healing energy to help people find their “orbit” or path in life. His, and my yoga teachers BNS Iyengar and Ajay Kumar, exude a passion for life and helping that is just inspiring.

Coming back to Miami, I decided to apply what I had learned and started giving free sessions with the Tibetan bowls and yoga. Determined to carry on with my goal of helping others, soon I realized that although I was not charging money, all my needs were being covered. Realization also came that when I would focus on the money, it will always diminish or disappear, causing a feeling that it is hard to get.

Increasingly, I started getting referrals and also began charging for the sessions and classes. But I had learned to remain focused on the help, nothing else. This went on for a year or so, and then I returned to India. Returning again in Miami, I let go of a couple of public group classes I had, and decided to focus on offering private, one on one, sessions. I figured I could be more effective in helping doing it this way. As usual, with this type of decisions, fear and doubt appear, but I choose to transcend them with a simple phrase we often repeat, but not necessarily act upon: things always find a way to work out.

Three months later, I found a beautiful place from which I could teach and live, something that I had desired for a while. As the space appeared, so did the means to rent it, and putting it in condition to offer the services. Being a fellow that allows himself to be sustained by Divine Grace, and having no savings, sponsors appeared to support the opening of CITIZEN YOGA, amongst them our friends at Manduka, making it possible for me to live my dharma… of helping you find yours.

It is my hope that this message ignites the fire of motivation within you… to transcend fear, to live from your heart, to trust in your dharma to sustain your life.

I would like to thank my mom, Olinda, for teaching me the greatest lesson in life: there is always possibility.

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