March 22nd, 2011

Inspiration: # Practice Cleaning The Slate

By Eka Ekong

While looking over our facebook/twitter posts from the last remarkable week, I was inspired by our FB post on a fresh start. "Today we #practice cleaning the slate – it doesn’t clean itself. A fresh start comes from a conscious decision to renew."

I love my Black Mat Pro. There, I said it… It feels like I have been in a steady relationship with it for 9 years. We talk every morning, sometimes even in the evening. It greets me, arms open, no hesitation, holds me when I’m happy, and has wiped away many a tear. My mat does not judge me, or harbor any ill feelings. It doesn’t say “oh, good luck next time with that forward fold”, or chastise me if I lose my balance. Every time I step on my mat is a fresh start, a new beginning, a new hope. Each practice is a new possibility, without the luggage of the past. This is what my Manduka helps me practice.

Here are some notable responses on what Manduka helps others to practice:

From Runtaulbee
"I'm new to using @MandukaYoga and just love the new mat. #Practice feeling closer to the earth."

From Jill Lawson
"I practice what I teach and teach what I practice"

From ETL Yoga
"It helps me practice patience with helps me break down that wall-allowing myself to see what I have done"

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