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UnfoLD Yoga Strap

UnfoLD Yoga Strap

  • Overview

    This strap has a square profile traditional D-ring buckle and is made from 100% recycled spun polyester.
  • Features

    • 6' x 1.25" or 8' x 1.25''
    • Webbing strap is 2mm thick
    • Square D-ring buckle is durable and made from metal
    • Pliable recycled polyester webbing makes the strap easy to grip even in the most challenging positions
    • Made from 100% recycled woven polyester.

  • Use & Care

    To Wash: Machine wash on cold. Hang or tumble dry on low. Excessive washing may cause the hardware to rust.
  • Sustainability

    Strap is made from 100% recycled woven polyester.

UnfoLD Yoga Strap

Yoga straps are a wonderful accessory for beginning yogis. The strap provides a secure grip to assist in extension and stretch without compromising form. Unfold the possibilities.