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eQua® HOT Yoga Towel

eQua® HOT Yoga Towel

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  • Overview

    A denser version of our popular eQua® towels, the super-absorbent and plush eQua® HOT Yoga Towel is the ultimate in sweat management. Excellent for Bikram, hot yoga, and other high intensity practices.
  • Features

    • Standard: 72'' x 26.5''
    • Long: 79'' x 26.5'' 
    • Plush and comfortable feel.
    • Designed for medium to heavy perspiration.
    • Lightweight with exceptional durability.
    • Double-knit fabric with sheared loops creates a super-plush and comfortable feel.
    • Split microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption, evaporation, and wet-grip.

    For further details, please feel free to visit our FAQ page.

  • Use & Care

    To Use: To enhance the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric, spray with water to dampen before each additional use.

    To Wash: Manduka recommends washing eQua® Towels with like colors before first use. Machine wash on cold with like colors. Hang to dry (recommended) or tumble dry on low setting.

  • Sustainability

    The eQua® microfiber fabric is a recyclable synthetic material, engineered for performance & durability. We consider the product to be an eco-conscious choice when the towel is used to its fullest potential. Its versatility eliminates the need for other fitness towels that wear out quickly. While the material will survive countless uses and washes, it can also be re-purposed as a multi-functional cleaning cloth if its life as a fitness accessory comes to an end. The packaging is made from 100% recycled PET material.

eQua® HOT Yoga Towel

Designed for maximum absorption, eQua HOT yoga towels are the ideal accessory for any high intensity practice. The extra dense, double-knit fabric prevents sweat from pooling on your towel while providing a super soft feel.

Women's Sizing Chart

xs 32 25 35
s 34 27 37
m 36 29 39
l 38 31 41
xl 40 33 43

Men's Sizing Chart

s 35 - 37 29 - 31
m 38 - 40 32 - 34
l 41 - 43 35 - 37
xl 44 - 46 38 - 40



    Accept no substitutes

    Accept no substitutes, get it. Anyone practicing Bikram or hot yoga with a bath towel - stop. Invest in this towel and see your practice grow through the roof! Can't say enough good things about it. I could focus on my poses and NOT on trying to stay in them! GREAT PRODUCT! Well worth the money.

    Best towel for hot yoga!!!

    Best towel for hot yoga!!! I have been using the YogiToes brand for the last year. Was going through the linen closet last week and came across my Manduka Hot towel I had purchased before starting hot yoga. Since I practice hot yoga six days a week, I decided to try this one out. So much better. I am sore again due to the fact that the grip is so much better and I can stretch and hold more in postures with confidence. I just ordered two more of these eQua Hot Towels and will donate my other towels as I am again spoiled by the Manduka brand. This towel is so plush and on top of the Pro Mat it feels like heaven. It also absorbes more sweat but does not feel slick and wet. Great product and I highly recommend anything this company makes.