eKO® Superlite Travel Yoga Mat 1.5mm


The eKO® yoga mat provides a naturally grippy surface. Catch-Grip technology provides the perfect balance of grip and drag which allows you to flow effortlessly between poses.


Sustainably made from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis.

Natural rubber is a renewable resource and is harvested responsibly from farm to production. Each rubber tree regenerates and continues to produce for approximately 30-35 years.

Superior Durability

The eKO® series is the most durable natural rubber mat on the market.

It contains a proprietary surface texture that lasts 2x as long as the competition.


High-density closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat, making post-class clean up a breeze.

Pro Tip: To restore your rubber mat, use our Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore.

Developed by Yoga Teachers Over four years

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    I love the natural rubber feel of the Eko – it gives me the perfect amount of grip and cushion to support me through my practice. Even more, I love the feeling of being connected to the Earth knowing that the mat I practice on is a natural material and sustainably made. I've practiced with the same Eko mat for 3 years, it has become one of the most sacred items I own!

    Michelle Chakirelis, Yoga Teacher

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    I love my Eko mat so much, it’s extra length makes my practice feel that much more spacious. It’s perfectly grippy and literally a pleasure to practice on. Easily my favorite mat.

    Olivia Otten, Yoga Teacher