From The Heart

My Manduka mat never lets me down every time I practice. It is firm enough to hold me steady;soft enough to allow everything to be felt, and grippy enough to allow me to create magnificent art with the temple which is my body.

-Daniella Cotreau
Los Gatos, California

Beginner Basics

  • Peacock

yogitoes Peacock


  • Thunder
  • Binda 2-Tone - NEW!
  • Delmara 2-Tone - NEW!
  • Acai
  • Midnight 2-Tone
  • Evolve 2-Tone - NEW!
  • Geyser 2-Tone - NEW!
  • Isabela 2-Tone - NEW!
  • Insight 2-Tone
  • Possibility 2-Tone
  • Sensation 2-Tone
  • Element 2-Tone
  • Sage 2-Tone

eKO® Mat 180cm


Cork Block