April 1st, 2011

Las Vegas Woman

The Goody Bag

eQua Plus Mat Towel The eQua Plus Mat Towel puts a new spin on traditional multi-purpose towels. The eQua Plus Towel will keep you feeling cool and comfortable during your yoga sessions. The towel lies over any yoga mat, of standard length, to help keep it dry, while adding traction to sweaty palms and feel. $48,

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Find your calm. Restore your balance. Available in limited quantity, this mauve colored Manduka PRO is a sustainable, elegant, non-slip, innovative, cushioned yoga mat. And it is the only mat line on the market with a lifetime guarantee. $100,

Manduka inSight Eye Pillow Whether you're restoring your body or resting your eyes after a long day, the Manduka inSight Eye Pillow is made to refresh tired eyes and evoke deeper relaxation with it's contoured shape and comfortable weight. $29,