January 31st, 2011

Yoga Journal

Practice Tools

Thick, sturdy, and dense, these mats hold up to vigorous practice. Their firmness supports balancing poses.
The original heavy-duty mat, the Manduka Pro ($90-$100), offers durable support and a lifetime guarantee,
Travel Friendly
Light-weight mats that fold up for easy packing can provide a thin but grippy layer between you and the floor.
The Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat ($36) is biodegradable,
Short Stack
Blankets are extremely valuable to yogis. Fold several to the right height for proper alignment in seated poses, try an accordion fold for supine pranayma (breathing work), or roll one up and tuck it beneath your shoulder blades for chest openers.
Manduka's recycled wool and synthetic blanket ($32),
Support System
Bolsters can entice you into restorative yoga. Choose a round one if you like a lot of eight for supine hip and quad openers. Oblong bolster can support knees or hips in many seated poses.
Manduka's round bolster ($70) is especially helpful for passive backbends,