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My Manduka mat is my home. Wherever I go, I'm home.

-Anja Brenko
Slovenia, EU

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Christy Burnette

Christy Burnette

Phoenix, AZ

Why Manduka?: With my Manduka mat I have the confidence to explore my edges, with trust. A quote I love from Paul Williams, “do not follow a path, follow your own footprints. Your path will create itself.” These words represent my mat and the amazing way my life is transformed by stepping out there, fully living!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice mindful living while playing the edge.

Yoga Style: Yoga “blend”

Practice with me here: Conscious Community Yoga

Recent Updates

2012/01/23 - Christy founded Conscious Community Yoga Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation, to bring the benefits of yoga to more people. Conscious Community Yoga matches yoga teachers who have completed their 200 hour training and certification with underserved groups to help students achieve a balanced life, through: ● Movement, ● Meditation, and ● Mindful Living.


Christy Burnette has been a student of yoga for more than three decades. Her long experience gives her an unusually rich, detailed palate of teachings. With a strong background in Anusara and other disciplines, Christy is one of the most beloved teachers from the thriving yoga community in the western U.S. She is an inspired interpreter of heart-oriented yoga that is expressed from the inside out. Her poses are intended to originate from a deep creative feeling inside rather than merely controlling the body from the outside. Christy is also known for her thorough, compassionate, rigorous mentoring of other yoga teachers. . Christy’s experience includes individual and group instruction, teacher training, national and international workshop and retreats. Christy travels nationwide offering in-depth yoga teacher trainings, yoga therapy trainings, workshops, and retreats. She believes that every yoga teacher has a message to share with the world that is far larger than simply aligning parts of the body.