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Whether it's the feet or the hands, the Manduka gives you the grounding and stability to uplift your daily practice!

-Dimitris Papadakis
Attica, Greece

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Tahnee Fournier

Tahnee Fournier

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Why Manduka?: Like the breath and the intention, my Manduka is essential to my practice. I wouldn’t want to practice on anything else, they are simply the best!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Anusara® yoga

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Tahnee is known for being wildly enthusiastic as a teacher, offering dynamic classes that are inspiring, challenging and steeped in playful potential. She brings a heart-felt approach to yoga by combining both mystical and real life stories layered with the Universal Principles of Alignment to create a deeper connection to the body, mind and heart. Tahnee, recently was the only Certified Anusara Yoga teacher in Ireland; she helped to ignite the awareness of this transformational method of yoga throughout the 'wee' country. Tahnee had the great honor to both host and assist John Friend on his first successful visit to Ireland in 2010, with whom she continues to mentor directly under.

Tahnee, now in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is delighted to be hOMe surrounded by family and friends. She is one of the directors on the Hatha Yoga teacher training program offered at Bliss Living and Yoga in Grand Cayman and enjoys teaches workshops international and locally. Tahnee's goal when teaching is for her students to leave feeling empowered and connected to their innate beauty and power. When not chasing after her 2 young daughters, she can be found attempting to write her upbeat blog about life, diving into esoteric yogic texts, sneaking away to jump horses and making time for a good handstand.