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My Manduka helps me practice positivity and ease.

-Natalia Bogdalikova
Bratislava, Slovakia

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Ellin Todd

Ellin Todd

Boulder, CO

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Why Manduka?: Manduka lasts a long time. It lasts and lasts. Now that's sustainable.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice jumping and arm balances. The steady strength of this mat gives me a sense of strong foundation and security. It is my home practice pad, and it has the energy of 3 years of study and training in its still sturdy shape! Very enduring.

Yoga Style: Anusara® yoga

Practice with me here: OMTIME - Boulder

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I have been studying hatha yoga, yogic philosophy and practices for 30 years. I am a registered yoga
teacher and yoga therapist with the National Yoga Alliance, an Anusara-Inspired Teacher, and a Certified 7
Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher. My specialty is helping people integrate yogic principals of alignment into
their daily lives. I bring awareness to habitual movements, and then expand my students understanding
of how to stand, sit and walk. Over time, every waking movement becomes a form of yoga.