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Whether it's the feet or the hands, the Manduka gives you the grounding and stability to uplift your daily practice!

-Dimitris Papadakis
Attica, Greece

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Tracey Gardner

Tracey Gardner

Columbus, OH

Why Manduka?: I can not express the confidence my Manduka Black Mat® PRO has given me on the mat and off and helped with the creation of Tracey Gardner method™...My Manduka is my security blanket, it always takes care of me... I owe my creation of TRACEY GARDNER METHOD™ to my my Manduka black pro because it gives me physical strength, endurance and body control. and recommend the Black Mat® PRO to each and every one of my students...My Manduka took me to the other side and gave me a new practice, workout, creation and so much more. I thank you Manduka for being a part of my life, and all of my students. I couldn't do it without you!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice passion.

Yoga Style: Tracey Gardner Method™

Practice with me here: Tracey Gardner Yoga

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Tracey Gardner Method™ "TGM" was created and developed by Tracey Gardner. It is a vigorous athletic approach using your body's weight, core, resistance and leverage on your Black Manduka Pro.

TGM is entire experience for the mind and body in just one hour you can burn up to 1500 calories depending on how hard you push it. Tracey's mantra of "no pressure" in the workout helped her create the studio. She designed her studio, the only TGM studio in the world custom fit for TGM…
GM the studio, is black, mirror less, hot 105 degrees, all dark so you feel as if you are in a night club infused with Tracey's TGM signature scent, bubbling steamers, candles red rope lights..Oh and the music is made by Tracey. Every playlist, 1000's are electronic, dance hip hop, up beat or down beat (they all tell a story) and are fresh for every class. With thousands of clients, up to 30 classes a week and a huge cult like following in the mid west and now east coast...TGM plans to expand.

There now 5 different formats of TGM and you have to be TGM certified to teach (certification process in the works). It has been described as magical by so many and in just one hour you walk out dripping, soaking wet like you just jumped out of a swimming pool and you get a high better than a runner's high.

Tracey's studio opened in Columbus, Ohio in August 2010 and is planning to expand. Results in just 2 classes and all done on the Manduka Black PRO. TGM is for everyone from the athlete to those who never worked out a day in their life...Tracey Gardner Method™ is a vigorous workout for the body challenging the strength, stamina, endurance in each muscle and is also a vigorous challenge and detox for the mind. You will get the dancer's body, lose the inches and get ripped.

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