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My Manduka mat is my home. Wherever I go, I'm home.

-Anja Brenko
Slovenia, EU

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Dani McGuire

Dani McGuire

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Why Manduka?: My Manduka mat is the canvas for my practice and the home of where I step into the comfort of my skin. As I step out of the drama of life and onto my Manduka, I (usually) step into a higher awareness and broader perspective of self acceptance and unconditional love for our planet and all her inhabitants.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: Sometimes my practice is too big, other times to small, but my Manduka always fits..even when I decide to color outside of the lines.

Yoga Style: Prana Flow, Yoga Therapy

Practice with me here: PranaYoga School of Yoga and Health

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Dani McGuire, vinyasa flow teacher and yoga therapist, is the founder of Pranayoga School of Yoga and Health located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She began her yoga journey in 1999 in an Iyengar class. Dani has been teaching yoga since 2006, after being a student of yoga for 9 years. She has since created her own blended teaching style influenced by the teachings of Therapeutics, creative movement, and Prana Flow Energetic Vinyasa. Dani writes for elephant journal, leads international workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats and is the author of Beginner and Beyond: A Hatha Yoga Practice, cd. Her classes are always Precise, Playful, and Soulful. Find out more and where Dani is holding workshops and retreats at