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My Manduka helps me practice anywhere and everywhere, because my travel mat is always in my suitcase wherever I go.

-Barbra Noh
Munich, Germany

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Laura Ahrens

Laura Ahrens

Boston, Massachusetts

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Why Manduka?: My mat is where my yoga practice lives. My Manduka feels like home.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: Manduka helps me practice devotion. It's not what I do on my mat, it's that I get there.

Yoga Style: Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa

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Laura reluctantly tried yoga in 2009, and received a 200 hour certification in vinyasa in 2011. Shortly after, she was captivated by the deeply connected and core-centric practice of Forrest Yoga and completed the Foundation and Advanced Teacher Trainings with creator Ana Forrest and year-long mentorship with Dr. Heidi Sormaz. Laura holds a BFA from The University of the Arts.

Laura works with attention to an individual's physical and emotional starting point to empower ownership of one's practice. Passionate about connection, her teaching is fueled by depth of breath, strong connection to core, precision of alignment, and commitment to the internal and somatic work necessary for personal evolution.

She is currently studying the Budokon system of yogic and martial arts under creator Cameron Shayne, and is inspired by its fluid and intentional transitions and warrior-like, functional movement. She is also influenced by the deeply Iyengar inspired teachers who have formed the foundation of yoga in Boston, and the creative and intelligently sequenced New York based Kula style of vinyasa flow.

She is forever grateful to all of her teachers and is honored to be an ambassador to Manduka and KiraGrace.