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My Manduka mat is my home. Wherever I go, I'm home.

-Anja Brenko
Slovenia, EU

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Kristina Kuzmich

Kristina Kuzmich

Vail, CO

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Why Manduka?: I love how when I practice on my Manduka I know I am doing good everywhere, for me, for others and for the world…one breath at a time

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me #practice discipline and Svadyaya.

Yoga Style: SmartFLOW Yoga

Practice with me here: Mindful Evolution Yoga

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The evolution of Kristina's yoga practice has been inspired by many and continues to transform. Her trainings & discipline to Tibetan Buddhist Meditation while studying at Naropa University later evolved into a deeper awareness of the body and mind connection, gaining her 600 Hour Massage Therapist Certification & studying under Annie Carpenter in Los Angeles.

Nearly complete with her 500 Hour YTT under Ms. Carpenter's SmartFLOW Yoga Certification, Kristina learned to see the body as a whole unit, not only on the massage table but also in flowing & smart body functions & movements. Her classes focus on exploration, internal awareness, alignment with mindful flowing movements. Providing smart and deliberate sequences, her students gain flexibility, strength, balance, breath control and personal insight.

From these amazing experiences, Kristina's living yoga unfolded and overtime she created Mindful Evolution Yoga, combining mindful living & conscious evolution with yogic philosophy. Kristina incorporates her skills in body therapeutics, alignment and movement with SmartFLOW yoga asana and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, working with individuals to create a sequence of daily life that fits with one's anatomical structure, personal goals, physical alignment, internal and external health and overall mental cleansing.

Now residing in the High Rockies, Kristina keeps busy directing a yoga program, teaching and working closely with students and co-workers to live better. Using somatic expression, words, laughter, dedication and discipline, she has a deep passion to help others see & live on their life path, staying true to their heart and their inner wisdom ~ mindfully evolving!

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