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My Manduka is my magic carpet, it allows me to go to places I never thought possible in my practice.

-Rosie Acosta
Portland, OR

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Amy Lynch

Amy Lynch

Harlingen, TX

Why Manduka?: During my practice, whether alignment, vinyasa, restorative or even hot yoga, Manduka products have always just become an extension of myself allowing me to focus on my practice and moving inward.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice appreciation of the present moment.

Yoga Style: Alignment, Restorative, Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Harlingen Yoga Center , Gold's Gym Harlingen

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Amy Lynch found yoga in 2006 looking first for something to add to her fitness routine. However, she soon found yoga filled more than just a physical space in her life. After four years Amy decided to she wanted to share the same passion yoga ignited in her with others and became a yoga instructor.

She received her RYT-200 teacher specializing in Restorative Alignment at Solstice Yoga Center, in Zipolite, Mexico, with Brigitte Longueville. She has also trained and taken classes with David McAmmond, Anne O’Brien, Marianna Emiko, Kate Potter, Pao Aguilar, Izaskun Casanova and Ana Forrest.

For Amy, teaching yoga is more than getting students to do poses. It is guiding them through a transformation, physical, emotional or spiritual. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the changes people go through with each class. Whether it is relaxing, moving easier or just feeling more comfortable with themselves.