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My Manduka Mat traveled around the world with me from Fiji to New Zealand, Bali, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Iceland and the East Coast before following me to my hometown of Seattle. It didn't matter where I went, when I rolled out my mat to practice I felt like I was home.

-Kaitlyn McConnell
Portland, OR

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Julie Wilcox

Julie Wilcox

New York, NY

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Why Manduka?: The quality of Manduka products continue to amaze me and inspire my practice. I feel so secure and grounded on my pro-lite mat as well as vital and elated, which helps my body, mind and spirit to reach new highs! Thank you all at Manduka for your hard work and continued investment into growing your company and the community. It is truly exciting to see and experience the creativity and expansion behind your brand.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice Tapas (focus, discipline, concentration), Santosha (contentment, levity, joy) Moksha (freedom, liberation) and Sattva (Balance).

Yoga Style: Alignment, Dynamic Vinyasa Flow With Emphasis on Breath, Tantric Philosophy

Practice with me here: The Julie Wilcox Method

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Julie Wilcox founded The Julie Wilcox Method ( in 2010 and the acclaimed ISHTA Yoga studios in Manhattan with Alan Finger in 2008. The Julie Wilcox Method integrates fitness, yoga, and food. Julie was an Olympic aspiring gymnast from the age of five until fifteen; she has since studied and honed her physical and energetic bodies as well as her diet at a high level as both a yogi and an athlete of many sports. Julie is an established vinyasa flow yoga teacher in New York City. Her mantra is that passion, perseverance, and patience make for a life full of vitality, balance, clarity, peace, contentment, and overall wellbeing. With The JWM, Julie helps her clients to move towards greater happiness in all aspects of their lives.