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My Manduka mat helps me practice connection. The moment my toes touch my mat, I inhabit my breath, my body and my present experience.

-Andrew Baerthel
Ontario, Canada

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Tricia Wylie

Tricia Wylie

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Why Manduka?: Manduka is "hands down" the best and the last yoga mat you will ever buy. I used to buy those other cheap yoga mats on a monthly basis. They just could not stand up to a daily asana practice. Some even smelled like chemicals or strongly of rubber. I was wasting money and not being eco-minded. I decided to "splurge" on the Manduka Black Mat. This mat is simply the best yoga mat ever. I have had it for three YEARS and it is still as good looking as the day I bought it. I ALWAYS recommend Manduka. They are top notch.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice yoga anywhere. Whether I am practicing asana or journeying inward, when I'm on my Manduka I have a steady and comfortable foundation beneath my body.

Yoga Style: Gentle

Practice with me here: Serenity Now Yoga

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I discovered yoga back in 1999 and it quickly became a passion. I loved how My body felt and I loved that mental “high” after class. I wanted the “high” to last forever. I realized how much easier life seemed with a solid yoga practice. Yoga helped with decision-making, bringing me closer to my true self therefore at peace with my decisions. It became easier to let things go. “Breathe first--then react” became a favorite mantra. I loved sharing all the wonderful benefits that just an hour or two on the mat could bring. I also loved the challenge of Ashtanga Vinyasa! So in 2001, I dove in. I made the commitment to get certified to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Since then the three most influential teachers in my life have been Andrey Lappa, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Dharma Mittra. Andrey reminds me of the importance of discipline. We must commit to our practice. We must commit to our own evolution. Sweet Desiree inspires me shine, to open up to my students,to be myself and give of myself. She is one of the best at what she does. Dharma reminds me to dedicate my practice, my teaching and my fruits to the Divine source. I love a vigorous vinyasa flow class with lots of fun arm balances thrown into the mix. I also enjoy a quite reflective yin yoga practice. When my body is weary, I am thankful for the restorative poses! These are the kinds of classes I teach. Come to work, to play, to breathe, to explore, to evolve, and to feel good. I am ever grateful that I GET TO SHARE WITH OTHERS WHAT I LOVE TO DO!!!!