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The reflection on your Manduka yoga mat, practicing, is so much more than the reflection in your mirror in the morning!!!

-An Block

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Elisabeth Lilja

Elisabeth Lilja

Salt Lake City, UT

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Why Manduka?: My world comes into this 26 x 71 inch space that allows me to be and express exactly who I am!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice acceptance.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS , Etl Yoga

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Elisabeth discovered yoga when she was 17. Immediately attracted to the power of yoga, Elisabeth completed her certification in 2006. She has continued her education studying with Bryan Kest, Rolf Gates, Anna Forest and many other wonderful teachers.

Elisabeth's passion is to prove that everyone can incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. Her teaching focuses on empowering women and athletes to dive deeper into their true ability and power. In this process people find the amazing beauty that encompasses who they are, and in finding that acceptance of body and breath. Elisabeth has worked with many Olympic athletes as well as professional athletes, as well as high performance athletes to improve connection to body, mind and breath.
Elisabeth believes that nature holds an essential piece of our self, and in 2007 founded MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS, a company created to reconnect people to the earth through yoga. MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS offers backpacking and camping yoga retreats.

In addition to teaching at En Route Movement and Park City Yoga, Elisabeth teaches and works with women recovering from eating disorders, and hopes to incorporate yoga into an innovative rehabilitation movement.