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Five years so far on the PROlite™, and I am going strong! This is my mat for life.

-Michelle Jacobi
Paris, France

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Louise Ellis

Louise Ellis

Rishikesh, India

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Why Manduka?: On a recent trekking experience in China I foundmyself on the road with out a mat. Fortuately my friend had a light travel mat by Manduka which he was kind enough to give me. Now I won't go without it.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice everywhere.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga

Practice with me here: Ashtanga Center

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Louise Ellis has been a practitioner of yoga for 39 years and has been teaching for over 34. She began studying in Mysore with her Guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 1993 and is one of the few women to have been certified by him to teach the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Having started out with the study of traditional hatha yoga, pranayama and philosophy under Swami Vishnudevanda in 1971, her background includes several diverse yoga systems in which she has both practiced and taught. Her individualized approach to teaching centers on the development of pratyahara and ease in daily practice through the use of breath, dristhi and an attitude of surrender and bhakti. She maintains a dedicated daily practice and continues to travel extensively in India and around the world to teach. American by birth she is currently based in Rishikesh, India, where she offers an ongoing Mysore program.