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My Manduka helps me practice staying perfectly grounded, while unfolding into the full potential of the moment.

-Christina Valeska
Udenheim, Germany

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Debbie Steingesser

Debbie Steingesser

San Francisco, CA

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Why Manduka?: Why Manduka? I can’t imagine practicing on anything besides my Manduka PROlite! Every time I roll out my mat, I have a true experience of stirum (steadiness) and sukham (lightness). Not to mention it’s now available in HOT pink!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice sustainability, meditation, and handstands in my living room.

Yoga Style: Thai Yoga Massage, Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Yoga Tree , Satori Yoga , Bernal Yoga

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Debbie Steingesser is an accomplished yoga teacher and dancer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Common Ground Magazine recently named Debbie “An Exceptional Bay Area Yoga Teacher Under 30” for her creative approach to Vinyasa and Afro Flow Yoga.

Debbie’s inspired Vinyasa classes are an uplifting blend of playful sequencing, eclectic (often live) music, breathing techniques, humor, yoga philosophy, and kirtan. In her teaching, she expresses an infectious sense of enthusiasm, warmth, and positive energy. “Afro Flow Yoga,” which Debbie teaches at local and national workshops, festivals, and conferences, is her unique combination of Vinyasa Yoga, Traditional West African Dance, Kirtan, and Live African Percussion.

Debbie praises her teachers Saul David Raye, Jai Uttal, Denise Kaufman, Alseny Soumah, Baxter Bell, Dana Flynn, Djeneba Sako, Sean Johnson, and Kira Ryder for their continual support and inspiration.