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Go further than your body. Reach out of yourself. Let Manduka guide you.

-Magnus Ringberg
Åhus, Sweden

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Mayra Cadengo

Mayra Cadengo

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León

Why Manduka?: The mat where I can be, where I can fly, where I can really "yoguear".

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Sattva Yoga

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Mayra is a prominent Yoga teacher, widely known for her enthusiasm and creativity. She created the Mandala Vinyasa Yoga system as well as a method named Krama Yoga or posture fragmentation, which deals with the study and proper arrangement of the skeletal and muscular bodies in order to provide a more complete, practical, and easier explanation of each and every posture. Krama Yoga helps the human body become more efficient in terms of movement, management, distribution, and alignment of the body's joints and weight during the Yoga practice.

As the director of Sattva Yoga Center, and together with the Mexican Institute of Yoga (Instituto Mexicano de Yoga), Mayra has been in charge and participated in important national events such as the National Yoga Encounter in the north part of Mexico. Mayra founded and nowadays leads Sattva Yoga Center RYS and Sattva Yoga RYS 401: two registered Yoga Schools with the Yoga Alliance.

Due to her inspiring teaching style, Mayra's classes always bring an intense physical performance as well as an energetic and spiritual insight within every vinyasa, connecting the energy from posture to posture. Every breath and every movement resemble a continuous soft flowing dance, a celebration of prana. As a result of such flow and exchange of energy, unimaginable postures are subtly performed reaching a deeper spiritual level, gaining more physical strength and a more focused mind.