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During my practice, whether alignment, vinyasa, restorative or even hot yoga, Manduka products have always just become an extension of myself allowing me to focus on my practice and moving inward.

-Amy Lynch
Harlingen, TX

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Mary Strong

Mary Strong

Manhattan Beach, CA

Why Manduka?: The eKO Lite™ Mat has by far been our number one selling mat. It's got a great grip, it is easy to practice on, light weight, and it's affordable and eco-friendly. I recommend it for all levels of practice and to anyone looking for a new yoga mat.

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I first fell in love with yoga when I was in college. I needed ONE credit to graduate and decided to take a yoga class. I thought….lying on a floor for an hour? How hard could it be? That yoga class not only sealed my diploma, it changed my life forever. Currently I share my time between two different studios… a broadcaster for NFL Network, and as a certified power yoga instructor. I am also the founder of The Green Yogi, an eco-chic power yoga studio in North Manhattan Beach designed to inspire conscious living and quality yoga.

My yoga philosophy is simple: Listen to your will teel you exactly what you need at every moment. Some days you need to sweat and go hard, other days yu need to nurture and care for your body. Learn to hear what your body is asking for... and honor what you need. Yoga is all about self-exploration. Have Fun!!!