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My Manduka helps me practice keeping my peace and staying strong in my mind and body.

-Wasay J Foladi
Solihull, England

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Twee Merrigan

Twee Merrigan

New York, NY

Why Manduka?: Living out of my luggage in my 3rd year as a spiritual nomad on Tour, I am super selective with minimizing what I carry to the bare essentials. My green eKO SuperLite Travel Mat is not just carry-on, it's "carry everywhere!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me not to practice anything, rather just to Be.

Yoga Style: Prana Flow

Practice with me here: Twee Yoga

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Twee is a global citizen, traveling and sharing her yoga with the world on the third year of her Soul Connections Tour. Her calendar of international yoga activist + adventure retreats, teacher trainings, and master classes evolved from her original studies of Hatha, Tantra + Ayurveda and her on-going studies with her teacher, Shiva Rea. She gracefully and generously channels her energy to help her students realize their unique connection to Prana. The yoga practice is transformed from serving the self to selflessly serving others. We become empowered to live as one wave, in respect, and in union with the ocean of waves surrounding us, as one collective consciousness. Twee donates her time and a portion of her proceeds of all her yoga events to local and global charities as a contribution to improving the lives of those less fortunate, and reducing the impact on the planet’s natural resources.