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On Manduka, my body relaxes, my breath deepens and my mind knows its time to surrender to being present.

-Delamay Patrick
Brighton, East Sussex, UK

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Olive Dutkowski

Olive Dutkowski

Vancouver, British Columbia

Why Manduka?: Quality, sustainability and perfect accessories for every style of yoga. My Manduka bolsters are a staple in every Yin class I teach.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka allows me to focus on a practice filled with love, compassion and breath.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Yin

Practice with me here: Studeo 55

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Olive has been a student of yoga for five years and a teacher for the past two. she began her studies in alternative forms of healing through meditation and naturopathic medicine before settling into Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga. Today Olive resides in Vancouver and continues to foster a broader understanding and application of the healing abilities yoga possesses. Her classes are designed to facilitate a distinct, organic transformation and healing of the spirit through self inquiry integrated with the application of precise alignment, meditation, visualization, prayer and the metaphysical connections between the energy centers and the asana practice.Yoga fosters a captivating energy within Olive that she transfers to her students and all those with whom she’s associated. She invites her students to weave their own path through their own journey. Inspired by Yin, Hatha and Ashtanga traditions her passion for learning continues with a deepening interest in the science of yoga and a constant need to explore and be inspired by different styles. Inspired by her beautiful students and teachers (David & Doug Swenson, Jesse Enright, Seane Corne, Mike Dennison, Dorothy Guerra, Dan McInnis and many more) Olive invites her students to be compassionate with their own bodies and awaken their full potential as human beings.

Creative pursuits that keep her juices flowing include her infinite passion for travelling, reading, paddle boarding, cooking, and anything that takes her out of the city and into new cultures.