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My Manduka towel helps me practice without slipping!

-Teune van der Wildt

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Sara Strother

Sara Strother

Chicago, IL

Why Manduka?: Manduka is a mindful company that sets an example for the essence of Karma yoga- skill in action! They have a commitment to the environment and to their customers, providing a well balanced product. I'm behind them 100%!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice...uniting with the divine in every moment.

Yoga Style: Anusara® yoga

Practice with me here: Yogaview

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Sara Strother’s formal yoga training began in 1999. Sara considers teaching and volunteering a way to connect with neighbors and those of like minded hearts and has been doing it full time since 2004! Her classes are filled with poetic integration of asana and philosophy to invite elaborate landscapes for exploration. She is currently in the final stages of becoming a fully certified Anusara teacher and her classes can be streamed into your home from!
Continually Sara seeks education to better serve her community. She is very grateful to have teacher John Friend and the Anusara community as a source of inspiration. Once a student, always a student.
A non-dogmatic and non-dual practice seek to weave a tapestry of opportunities inviting one to enjoy life. Expect a balanced class with options to explore all ability levels. Considerable attention is given to alignment for an optimal experience on and off the mat.