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After tearing through numerous other yoga mats a year I decided that if I was going to take my practice more seriously, that I had to take my mat more seriously. I upgraded to a Black Mat PRO and have never looked back. I can always come to practice on it and feel like I am being nurtured and protected.

-Andrew Rosenstock
Paro, Bhutan

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Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin

Seattle, WA

Why Manduka?: My Manduka mat keeps my grip on reality strong and flexible.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice the art of practicing.

Yoga Style:

Practice with me here: Yoga Shack

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Joel Benjamin has George Bush to thank for introducing him to yoga. Not literally of course. But in an effort to find peace in a seemingly unjust, out of control world, Joel turned to yoga and found what he was looking for on the mat. As his practice led him deeper into the philosophy supporting the art and science of yoga, he became more and more aware how important it was for others to also be exposed to this liberating practice. Joel received his first teaching certificate from Theresa Elliot and Kathryn Payne of Pacific Yoga in 2004, and his second teaching certificate from Max Strom in 2010. Joel opened the Yoga Shack in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle in 2006. His teaching style is theme based and every practice is interwoven with breath work, philosophy, story, asana, and meditation. Joel strongly supports the idea that the asana's purpose is to open us up to the message; the message that no matter how crazy our world gets, all we need do is look within for perfect peace.