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I love my Manduka because it feels so right.

-Laura Patterson
Bloomington, IN

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Jim Mettes

Jim Mettes

St. Louis, MO

Why Manduka?: I have owned a variety of mats but only Manduka is the real deal. If you are really serious about your practice then Manduka is for you. When asked I always recommend the best, I always recommend Manduka.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Black Pro helps me practice because it doesn't deteriorate like most mats causing unsteady footing. Most mats I've had over the years have eventually, usually after a year of regular use, begun to show tracks and general began to just fall apart. My Manduka doesn't do that.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Bella Yoga

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Jim was originally introduced to yoga in the early 1990’s, working in industry and as a fitness instructor at a local YMCA where another instructor talked about trying yoga. After studying and learning the basics he got hooked and has maintained a practice.

After finishing a career in industry Jim decided to take his yoga to another level, he went through an intensive 200 hour teacher training program and became a Yoga Alliance (RYT) registered yoga teacher.

In his desire to bring yoga to the masses Jim teaches at several local centers. After becoming an RYT Jim began teaching at Bella-Yoga in St. Louis.

Jim’s style is a combination of the many instructors he has had the privilege of studying under. With a lightness of approach and a respect for the body’s wisdom Jim encourages a sense of inner well being. Beginners and advanced students alike are given the opportunity to deepen their practice as well as increase flexibility and strength.