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My Manduka mat helps me practice connection. The moment my toes touch my mat, I inhabit my breath, my body and my present experience.

-Andrew Baerthel
Ontario, Canada

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Helena Zera-Axelrod

Helena Zera-Axelrod

Jamesville , NY

Why Manduka?: Manduka is the only brand mat I own. I have 3 that are 7 years old. My regular Black Mat® PRO for local travel, my long mat for home sadhana and my PROlite™ mat for arduous travel. They all look brand new!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Practice with me here: Fitness Forum

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Helena teaches Prana Flow at Fitness Forum, is just starting a Dharma-program for spinal cord injury students, she teaches privates and conducts workshops for the Hasta Pada Yoga Belt

Helena is a mother of three boys, an RN, a second degree black belt in TKD and a 500 RYT who travels and assists her profoundly inspirational teacher; Shiva Rea.

Through her passion for Yoga a new company was born out of love and creativity. She is the foundress of Vyana a yoga products, clothing and accessories line Helena has full heartedly embraced her passion in yoga and lives yoga; she considers herself a dedicated beginner who happens to teach yoga and travel worldwide with her Manduka in hand.

The only yoga mat that she has ever known or owned is the Manduka. The long Black Mat® PRO for home, the regular Black Mat® PRO for teaching classes and the PROlite™ for traveling to conferences and workshops. During a class if a new student is struggling with wrist issues or their mats are too thin I let them borrow my mat . It is always love at first practice on the mat because of the firm yet padded quality of the Manduka mat.