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My Manduka mat never lets me down every time I practice. It is firm enough to hold me steady;soft enough to allow everything to be felt, and grippy enough to allow me to create magnificent art with the temple which is my body.

-Daniella Cotreau
Los Gatos, California

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Debora Cohen

Debora Cohen

Campbell, CA

Why Manduka?: I love Manduka's Mats! I use both the black mats that I keep at home for my Husband and I and the purple travel Mats that I keep in the car to go travel to the studios with. I have let my students borrow my purple mat sometimes when i see them struggling, slipping and sliding with their own. They buy one immediately after that. Thank you Manduka!!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice yoga by providing a safe and stable surface that I can count on for foot, hand, and knee support. While practicing, I do not like to think about the mat . When I practice yoga I think about my energy, breath, mind and body. Manduka enables me to forget about the mat so I can concentrate on yoga!

Yoga Style: Gentle, Restorative, Yin

Practice with me here: Enlightened Mind

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Many injuries were a part of Debora’s experience that led to a high level of body awareness. This motivated her 20-year career as a fitness professional so she could learn to help her self and others by staying strong and fit.

In 1998, Debora graduated from San Jose State University with honors in psychology, and twice published in professional journals. Her post-graduate education includes over 100 doctoral hours and 300 clinical practicum hours through the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology’s PhD program in clinical psychology.

With over 10 years of experience teaching yoga, Debora studied under many master-teachers. She completed the Desikachar International Training at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India; focusing on yoga philosophy, pranayama, yoga therapy, and meditation. Debora completed the IAM-Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique at the M.A. Math in Kerala, India. Debora volunteers and contributes to Amma’s humanitarian activities, and for the Santa Clara hospice of the Valley.

While studying yoga, Debora was introduced to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). Through IET, she cured herself from depression, which started in childhood, and soon became a certified IET master-instructor, clearing and balancing the Chakra system.

Debora ran her own yoga studio, works privately with clients and teaches yoga and meditation at studios and clubs throughout the bay area. Debora has led many international yoga retreats. Debora teaches a creative flowing style according to the class level and structure and group dynamic. Each private, class and workshop is an intuitive process to the needs of the group or individual.