July 25th, 2013

#Innergps Giveaway: Visit Another State (Of Mind)

We all have an “inner GPS,” the guiding intuition that tells us when we need to take a break or take a chance. But when we get distracted by routine, it’s harder to hear that internal voice telling us to merge ahead. So this is a call to relearn how to find, hear and follow your innerGPS and let it lead you to the most spectacular place you’re supposed to be.

Last week, you set out for the Thrill of Adventure. Setting yourself up to experience courage, learning to trust your heart so it becomes easier to follow. We love your #innerGPS Instagrams – here are a few of our favorites from last week’s Thrill of Adventure theme, including our winner @kellyard23, who takes home a ready-for-anywhere eKO Superlite Mat, eQua Hand Towel and Practice Journal.

Here is the photo from our winner, @kellyard23, plus a few of our other favorite #innerGPS Instagrams:

By @kellyard23, who won last week's #innerGPS contest.

Here are some of our other favorites!









And now we start our last Inner GPS Giveaway theme: Another State (of mind). Go somewhere unfamiliar – an experience or environment way outside your repertoire. Put yourself in a new situation so that you can think and see differently. It could be a literal place, like Utah or that super authentic Laotian restaurant. It could be a spiritual place, like the view from Savasana. Show us your world from ‘Another State’ on Instagram using hashtag #innerGPS and you could win Manduka gear to support your journey: the classic Black Mat PRO and MatSak in Shade.

Here’s to recalibrating your route,

July 18th, 2013

#Innergps Giveaway: The Thrill Of Adventure

This Summer, we’re following our #innerGPS. More than following intuition, it’s asking the soul where it wants to go so that the body can take it there. And we’ve been to some brilliant places so far – to Inner Peace, the Staycation of a Lifetime and Back to Nurture.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from last week’s theme, Back to Nurture, including from our winner @wanderlustingsoul, who takes home our first ever two-tone PROlite Mat in Merge and a Manduka eQua Towel.

Here is the photo from our winner, @wanderlustingsoul, plus a few of our other favorite #innerGPS Instagrams:

By @wanderlustingsoul, who won last week's #innerGPS contest.

Here are some of our other favorites!








This week we enjoy the Thrill of Adventure. Doing something that takes us out of our comfort zone – not for the sake of experiencing fear, but for experiencing courage. Go out on an adventure, near or far, and Instagram a photo from the journey using hashtag #innerGPS. Next week, one person will win an eKO Superlite Mat, eQua Hand Towel and Practice Journal to help support the journey to come.

See you on the path,

July 11th, 2013

#Innergps Giveaway: Home And Back To Nurture

The best part about following your inner GPS is that you’re always on the right path – the one your heart lays out for you. And with Summer’s warm weather, extra daylight and breezy attitude, this is the best time of year to listen to where you’re being called and go there.

And while you’ve been following your #innerGPS, we’ve been following you. On Instagram. Last week, we asked you to point your inner GPS toward hOMe: a staycation for the heart, wherever it happens to be. And you shared so many photos of what you saw when you truly opened your eyes to hOMe. Here are a few of our favorites, including last week’s winner @volkkl, who’s new PRO Squared Mat is the ultimate staycation prize.

Here is the photo from our winner, @volkkl, plus a few of our other favorite #innerGPS Instagrams:

By @volkkl, who won last week's #innerGPS contest.

Here are some of our other favorites!








This week, head Back to Nurture. Point your inner GPS to your own version of self-care and share what you see there. You might like jogging solo at dawn, whipping up a kale smoothie or climbing trees with the ones who make you laugh. Whatever your Back to Nurture, share it on Instagram using hashtag #innerGPS for a chance to win a new Limited Edition PROlite Merge – our first ever PROlite mat available in two-tone colors, plus an eQua Mat Towel to comfort and protect you when things get a little sweaty.

It’s an honor to be part of your practice, and a joy to see your pictures.

With love,

June 26th, 2013

Turn On Your #Innergps Giveaway

Summer has arrived. Sunshine is abundant, clothing is minimal and all the seeds we planted in the spring are coming to full bloom. Freedom and intentions are running high this time of year, so let's do something meaningful with them and all these extra hours of daylight. Where does your heart want to take you this summer?

Turn on your inner GPS. We're going on a journey within and beyond – it could be as far as across the country or as close as the backs of our eyelids. Let's use our practice to help us reveal the path and send postcards along the way. Over the next five weeks, we'll be exploring "places" to go this Summer: Inner Peace, Back to Nurture, the Thrill of Adventure, Another State and Coming hOMe.

Show us what those places look like to you. Follow @MandukaYoga on Instagram and check out that week's theme. Then share a photo using hashtag #innerGPS reflecting the place we're going, you could win a special set of Manduka gifts every week.

This week's theme is Inner Peace. Let's go there. Show us your Inner Peace and tag it #innerGPS. Next Wednesday we'll collect all #innerGPS photos and select our favorite that truly embodies that theme. That person will win the Inner Peace gift set including the Limited Edition Manduka PRO Black Bliss, Go Getter mat strap in Heather Grey and Practice Journal.

You can also follow the community's #innerGPS journey in the Facebook Gallery and see all the places we're going together. If you have any questions, please ask! Otherwise we'll see you on the path, taking photos along the way.

Practice On,

June 18th, 2013

Do Something

By Manduka Ambassador Silvia Mordini

"People of accomplishment rarely
sat back and let things happen to them.
They went out and happened to things."
~ Leonardo da Vinci

I am a born underdog. I have lived much of my life a step behind the rest. Whereas some might need to make 50% effort to move forward I often need to make a 150% effort to get to the same place.

Maybe part of this is the heritage of being an immigrant and the philosophy that nothing is free. You only create success through hard work. Work harder, and your possibilities expand. My family partly defined success as leaving the family an impressive legacy of means, higher education and respectability. We are expected to “do something” with our lives now so that the next generation has an even easier time to “do something” bigger. Inaction is not an option. Don Miguel Ruiz sums up my parent’s philosophy precisely:

“Action is about living fully. Inaction is the way that we deny life. Inaction is sitting in front of the television every day for years because you are afraid to be alive and to take the risk of expressing what you are. Expressing what you are is taking action. You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward.”

If you wait until you are “ready” and things are “perfect,” you will get stuck in the inertia of inaction. Get started by taking small steps toward your intentions within the next 24 hours. Do not let self-doubt cripple you. Once you begin, keep acting on your goals a little at a time. The smallest efforts keep the momentum going and create powerful change. As they say in South America, “little by little one travels far.”

When things don’t go as planned, it is easy to be really hard on ourselves. When this happens, amp up your efforts to persevere. Like the pristine Lotus Blossom, which somehow manages to rise up through a muddy swamp toward the sun, keep striving toward your vision. Florence Scovel Shinn writes, "Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement." Let us be lotus blossoms, and manifest the most joy-filled, peaceful and healthful lives we can envision.

My parents taught me daily to practice gratitude with enthusiasm. It is important to maintain your motivation by sharing your gratitude for your attempts as well as your achievements. A positive attitude may get you started in the right direction, but appreciation for others is what sustains it.

My yoga practice continually reminds me of all three of these aspects to living an inspired life. I get on my Manduka mat each day and “do something.” I do not give up my practice when life is inconvenient, and I certainly give thanks to all who made it possible for me to move, breath and live in this moment! In turn, this stokes my rebel spirit to go out and happen to things. Love yourself, love your day, love your life!