February 20th, 2013

The Pulse In Your World | Now=Wow

This Spring we're challenging you to see the extraordinary in this moment – to find the remarkable hiding right before your very eyes. If we choose to be present to it, NOW has a lot of WOW. So to help inspire you, every week we're giving away Manduka color collections from our Spring Line.

Last week was PULSE, and we were so moved by all the beautiful ways you captured the PULSE in your world that we wanted to share them here – the beat practically jumps out of these photos. We hope these inspire you for next week's giveaway, SHADE.

By Alian Daou, who won last week's PULSE contest and the entire family of Manduka mats, towels and accessories in PULSE.

Here are some of our other favorites!


Allie Bautista

Amanda Charland

Amber Turquesa

Elen (@alphacaell)


Shannon (@BoiseShan)

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