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September 24th, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Sheri

Meet Sheri.

Sheri is a mountain-thrashing, nose-grabbing, 360-spinning snowboarder (metaphorically). But a serious injury to her upper left leg kept this Betty off the slopes and brought her to the yoga mat. Unable to walk without pain and with limited mobility, Sheri focused on her yoga practice. After one dedicated year on the mat, Sheri's pain was gone and her mobility back. That's the power of, as she puts it, "yoga magic."

That's also why Sheri is studying to become a yoga teacher - where the hospital couldn't help her recover, her yoga did. And as an unexpected benefit, she also found a deep sense of community and kindred connection. Sheri travels often and has studied with many yoga teachers, and every single one has left her with something to remember – from a helpful tip for Pigeon to sage wisdom to a happy memory. These are her inspirations.

Yoga has moved Sheri to always make the choice that she knows is truly right. Not easier, not cheaper, not quicker – but the option that brings her to a place where she is happy with the life she is living and the person that she is.

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Practice On.


September 20th, 2012

Manduka Giveaway! What Is Your Advice To New Yogis?

September is National Yoga Month, made official by the US Department of Health! This month is dedicated to educating people on the benefits of yoga and encouraging new practitioners to give yoga a try.

If you're reading this, we can guess that you're already quite familiar with yoga. You may still be in those first shaky classes, or an old master who speaks asana as a second language. But if you're here, you've already answered yoga's call. So what would you say to someone who hasn't?

All day today on Twitter, we're collecting your advice, guidance, tips – anything you think a yoga newbie might want to know. Tweet your tip using hashtag #MDKmic (Manduka's 'open mic' tag) and we'll share your advice back out to over 14,000 Followers.

On Friday, September 21st, we'll thank you for all that you shared by selecting one of your Tweets to earn you great Manduka gear: a new Manduka Black Mat PRO for you, plus a Beginner's Luck Package for you to give to a yoga newbie in your life.

So please, get Tweeting! Let's create an amazing collection of YOUR wisdom to help new yogis find their path. And of course, you probably wouldn't mind winning a new mat either.

In gratitude,

September 10th, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Christopher

Meet Christopher.

In the summer of 2010, Christopher attended a yoga retreat held by Tim Miller in Mt. Shasta, CA. He was fresh out of a tumultuous relationship, and his guard was up – but he was ready to experience all that the retreat had to offer. From the moment he met another attendee named Suzy, he felt something different than he had ever felt before. They clicked instantly, and were inseparable during the retreat.

A few days in, Christopher was getting some help with bodywork from another attendee who couldn’t help but notice how tight his upper back was. It was like ARMOR. So she asked, “what are you protecting your heart from?” Christopher didn't know how hard that hit him until the next morning, when he awoke in tears, crying uncontrollably. Something in his yoga practice that weekend was melting his armor, little by little.

Then he realized he was falling in love.

At the end of the retreat, knowing that Suzy would be flying home to the east coast, Christopher was too scared to share his true feeling with her. But they kept in touch, and after a year of long distance friendship and dating, Suzy moved to California to be with Christopher. They got engaged, and were married just this past August in Mt. Shasta, CA. Christopher's heart is more open than ever and were it not for yoga, this opening may never have happened.

We loved Christopher’s story, and we’d love to hear your story, too. Share it with us on our You Series page, We can’t wait to meet you!

Every week we're sharing the story of another real yogi in our blogs, emails and even magazines. Maybe soon you'll see yourself here. Or see something in yourself here.

Practice On.


September 3rd, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Christa

Meet Christa.

Christa used to manage broadway shows for a living. That's how she found yoga.

A musician working on one of the shows also happened to teach Iyengar yoga, and could sense the stress and pressure that Christa was under. He ended up offering her private instruction for close to 6 months – all he asked in return was that she ‘pay it forward’ to someone else in need.

Christa took that request and ran with it. She has opened a non-profit organization called Compass Yoga, teaching free yoga classes in New York City to people who don't otherwise have the opportunity, or the funds, to begin a yoga practice.

This past spring, Christa went on her first trip to India. It was an experience that broke her down and built her back up completely new, and more powerful. She now refers to her life in two eras: her life before India, and now her life after India. She returned home with a newfound gratitude for all of the opportunities she has available to her, and feels more determined in her purpose to spread the benefits of yoga and meditation to more people.

Yoga has truly been therapeutic for Christa. It has helped her to work through her father’s passing, and to let go of the guilt she still carried from their rocky relationship. Yoga taught her that we don’t have to wait for healing, it is within us and available to us all the time. We have all the answers and all the knowledge we need; we just need to tap into it.

We loved learning about Christa. And we’d love to learn about you, too! Tell us a little about yourself on the You Series page:

Every week we're sharing the story of another real yogi in our blogs, emails and even magazines. Maybe soon you'll see yourself here. Or see something in yourself here.

Practice On.